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generating a sense of 

care and community

Dance Into Space “AGWATA”, choreographed by Ondiege Matthew

Black man in long trousers centre stage pouring fine sand over his head, while a second dancer sits on the floor behind and to the dancer’s left, with his back to the audience. There are rocks and dry grass against the back wall that is lit red.

Sibikwa Dance Festival 2022, Tebandeke Joseph in Time machine (2022)
Sibikwa Dance Festival 2022, Tebandeke Joseph in Time machine (2022)

Two black male dancers: on left a dancer supports Joseph Tebandeke’s right leg as he jumps, supported by a crutch in his left arm.

Our mission statement

The African Dance Disability Network works to connect practitioners and researchers working in the arena of disability dance. Focus is placed on generating a sense of care and community that supports inclusivity and critical dialogue.

While focus is placed on Africa, the ADD network opens global space for cognate dancers and researches in other continents to participate with African artists and researchers, in a shared space of making disability visible, and which understanding dance as a key arena to negotiate embodied belonging.

JOMBA! Call out 2024

Call out for paper and presentation for the 4th annual (digital and on-line) JOMBA! MASHIHAMBISANE DIALOGUES #4


Call out for papers and presentation for the 4th annual (digital and on-line)

Deadline for abstracts: Friday 5 April (by 4pm)

(RE)TURN TO THE DRUM? – provocations in contemporary dance’s engagements with traditions, cultures, memory, hybridity, and contested identities.

Please read the pdf for full submission details

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