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Sibikwa ‘Body Moves Festival’

Sibikwa ‘Body Moves Festival - Unmute & Monkey Mind dance companies
Sibikwa ‘Body Moves Festival – Unmute & Monkey Mind dance companies
Descriptor: Two couples on onstage – downstage left the pair in black shorts and white T-shirt comprise a woman (Nadine Mckenzie) in a wheelchair embracing her male partner (Yaseen Manuel) who is hugging her on her right shoulder. Right, a dancer in a green top (Darion Adams) lies on their back and with bent legs and arms supports a second dancer (Hannah Bekemans) in white shorts and grey T-shirt above her. The stage is washed in a dark blue light.

The Body Moves International Integrated Dance Festival, held at the Sibikwa Arts Centre in Benoni, South Africa that brought together able-bodied and differently-abled dancers and choreographers from South Africa, Ireland, Italy, Uganda, the Netherlands and Flanders in a celebration of cultural exchange. There were workshops, forums and collaborative productions of new work that demonstrated that it is only through community and inclusivity that we can really know ourselves, one another and find a common humanity. The University of Warwick, UK funded films to document this project as part of their collaborative research project with University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, SA.

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