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Paola Palmi (she)

Paola Palmi

Paola Palmi (she)

Dancer, choreographer, founder of “Officine di Creazione” Dance Company

She studied contemporary dance in Italy and in France.

She attended Dance Theatre Akido school (as dancer and choreographer), HathaYoga school (as a teacher), Parinama school M° Bruno Baleotti and Ashtanga Yoga, Traditional Japanese Sword practice.

As a therapist: Techniques of Gentle Gymnastics, Shiatsu Operator, Foot Massage Techniques, Joint Unlocking Techniques with Carlo Fiore, attends Tao School: Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She is the creator of her own personal method: D&MO (Dance & Organic Movement), developed over years of experience, working in various social, educational, cultural, artistic and therapeutic contexts. She has been teaching for 40 years, conducting workshops, seminars, working on projects for primary and secondary schools, working for the inclusion in cases of disability.

She founded “Lavori in Corso” and the integrated dance company “Officine di Creazione”.



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